Sacred Gifts of a Short Life


  • Love as Formlessness

Whether you are facing the death of a loved one, human or non human,
or you are in a position of providing support for someone moving through this journey, this book can provide a sense of calm in the midst of these difficult events.
It offers a perspective on mortality that embraces both the profound devastation felt, as well as the amazing sacredness and grace this passage from form into formlessness invites us to experience.

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Death is devastating and it is sacred. Love is blissful and it is heart wrenching. Life is sublime and it is horrific. When we can open our hearts enough to embrace all of these, then we are free.
Sacred Gifts of a Short Life
Looking through the lens of “right and wrong” isn’t helpful because it assumes there is an objective correct answer. ……we decrease our suffering (and the suffering of others) when we learn to accept uncertainty and come from a space beyond right and wrong.
Sacred Gifts of a Short Life
Your furry loved ones love and trust you unconditionally. They know your decisions come from love. They will never question this. Give yourself the gift of that same degree of trust.
Sacred Gifts of a Short Life
When we’re present with someone, we close the gap between “us” and “them,” and we become one. Love is amplified.
Sacred Gifts of a Short Life

Meet Dr Liz

Listening to the call of her heart from an early age, Dr. Liz Fernandez,DVM chose to pursue a life’s work based on what she loved — animals.  Her career has taken her from general practice to emergency medicine to holistic practitioner. It has been an amazing journey that she finds as rewarding today as when she graduated over 30 years ago from UC Davis Veterinary School.  She became a Certified Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Practitioner  after completing certifications in veterinary acupuncture, Chinese herbology, tui-na*, and Chinese food therapy.  Since 2002 she has owned the housecall practice Acupuncture For Pets.

Photo by:
Debra Delahunty