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Highlighted Non Profits

Dr Liz has been touched by each of these organizations in some way.

All pre-order proceeds will be distributed between the following non profit organizations. After the book is published these organizations will continue to receive a portion of proceeds from the book.
Animal Resources,Inc
501-C3 non profit animal rescue
Dennis Pickersgill Chairman of the Board

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

I have had the pleasure of working with several of the Rottweilers they have rescued. Below are two of them. On the right is Queen. she had her right front leg amputated due to bone cancer in July 2015, she was fostered and then adopted. Although her time may be limited, she is enjoying her days romping on the beach in Santa Barbara.
On the left is Lucy. She came into the program with a paralyzed right front leg. It was unclear if the underlying cause was congenital or traumatic. She had no function even in the shoulder so her right front leg was amputated. (The leg was actually dangling and causing more obstruction to her movement) She does have some other issues too but is living with Queen up in Santa Barbara. These two examples show the dedication and commitment Animal Resources makes to the dogs they rescue. I honor their commitment and I am grateful I have been able to help them.
Queen (RIP)

Canine Adoption & Rescue League

facebook:Canine Adoption and Rescue League CARL (animal shelter)
twitter: C.A.R.L. @CARL_dogs

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

I became involved with the CARL rescue because several of my clients volunteered there or adopted dogs from there. I have also been a vendor at the Pooch Parade for several years. (This is their annual fund raising event in Ventura) Many of my clients attend every year including many who's pets have passed over the “Rainbow Bridge”. Some come with new furry family members. It is always a pleasure to reconnect.
Below are two dogs that still have not been adopted that I have helped. Brewer I first met when he was just a few days old. As his story indicates several in the litter had deformed legs. I had experience successfully treating this type of deformity in newborns and encouraged them to try to correct the deformity. With the dedication of the foster mom and the local veterinarian all the pups were completely rehabilitated!
Danni is another sweet girl who has had some medical issues yet she has a beautiful personality and is a love.

Homestretch Greyhound Rescue And Adoption

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

I have had several clients with Greyhounds they adopted from this rescue. Greyhound rescue special. Most have come from the race track. Life on the track is not easy. I love working with these dogs. They are so sweet and gentle. When I was in college I spent a summer in Florida and witnessed some of the conditions these dogs endured. It opened my heart to their plight and I am honored to be able to help them any way I can.
Below is a photo of Emmet who is happily adopted and feeling better since getting acupuncture for some chronic scarring along his back from unknown injuries! Such a cutie!
Emmet Bed
Emmet Playing
Emmet playing with his frog.

Lifeline 4 Paws
Chris Hogan
facebook: Lifeline 4 Paws
twitter:Lifeline 4 Paws @lifeline4paws

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

Close to 10 years ago I received a call from Chris Hogan asking me if I could treat a little poodle named Lambchop that she had just rescued from San Diego. The previous owner was an elderly lady confined to a wheel chair and she had just died. This poodle’s rear legs were paralyzed. No one knew how long she had been this way or what had happened to cause this. I treated her for some time but it did become clear that she would never gain function of her legs. This has not slowed Lammie (as she is affectionately called) at all. She runs and plays and even has her own Facebook page. (Lambchop the Special Needs Poodle) To know Lammie is to Love her!
Lifeline 4 Paws is now dedicated to supporting other non profit rescues by offering funds to assist in the medical treatment of the furry kids still in need of “Forever Homes”.
Lambchop 10th Birthday!
Lambchops’s 10th Birthday Celebration!
Lambchop Running with the Ball
Lambchop running with the ball.

National Disaster Search Dog Foundation
searchdogfoundation (aka SDF)
facebook: national disaster search dog foundation
twitter: @searchrescuedog

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

In 2005 I decided to run the 2007 LA Marathon. My intention was to raise $10,000 for SDF. This is the amount of money required to “sponsor” a dog. I accomplished the marathon in a little over 8 hours and sustained no injuries. (another goal!) Raising $10,000 took a few more years. Here is the team I ultimately sponsored: Ripley and Jason Vasquez with LA County Fire Department! I encourage you to go on their website to learn more about SDF and how Wilma Melville’s dedication and vision brought this amazing organization into being. SDF rescues dogs and either gives them the opportunity to become rescuers or if they do not pass the rigorous training they are offered a career change or adopted into forever homes. Even if these options do not work out the dogs will never be sent to a shelter or otherwise abandoned.

*All photos except the one of Jason and Ripley are courtesy of Susan Bollinger.
Jason and Ripley
Jason and Ripley
Ripley navigating at elevation
Ripley navigating at elevation

Shelter Hope Pet Shop
facebook: Shelter Hope Pet Shop
Twitter: @shelterhopepets

Dr. Fernandez’s Connection:

A dear friend of mine started volunteering at this rescue after she adopted a dog from them after her beloved companion had died. She has fostered and found forever homes for 15 dogs over the past few years. It is a gift to be able to help friends who open their hearts to those in need and to be able to help those dogs who are the ones in need.
Lily AKA Baby Gia
Lily aka Baby Gia living “the good life!”
Lana on the left Lucy on the right
Lana on the left and Lucy on the right adopted to family in South Carolina