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Sacred Gifts Of A Short Life shares the true stories (though names have been changed) of the end of life journeys of several Dr. Liz Fernandez’ clients and their pets. The stories offer insights into navigating end of life issues including the age old question of “is it time?” Dr. Liz inspires and reassures us that we are each capable of allowing love to guide us as we make these difficult decisions.

Each story offers insights into how loss and death can be viewed from a perspective that is more inclusive and grounded in Presence and reality. One that acknowledges the heart wrenching sadness and pain we feel and the less acknowledged sacredness, peacefulness, and amazing sense of intimacy that is simultaneously present in the midst of this pain. These journeys reveal a deeper truth… when love is present our hearts do not just break, but break open and allow us access to love as this ever present eternal formlessness.
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Sacred Gifts of a Short Life takes us on an exploration of some of the difficult questions surrounding the end of life journeys of our furry loved ones. It is honest, pragmatic, compassionate, empowering and refreshing. Questions such as: Is it time? Should I pursue chemo, or radiation or not? Is surgery the best option? How do I know if my loved one is suffering? Am I just doing this for me? Is this selfish? Does my loved one have any quality of life? I feel like I am playing God. What right do I have to take a life? These questions are examined through the lens of specific real life examples.
Through these examples we inspired and guided to trust our “inner knowing”. We are invited to look beyond the ideas of right and wrong, recognizing that each decision must be based on the exact circumstances in the moment at hand. For most of us death is very uncomfortable topic. It seems very foreign. To address this overwhelming fear we are reminded of the truth that is death is happening in each moment. Any moment can bring the blessings of birth and death and the pain of birth and death. This is not a “how to” cook book to navigate these waters. Instead it is an invitation to live from Presence, inviting each unfolding moment to be the platform and foundation from which we find our answers.